Gutters draining properly to prevent wood damage
Check for wood rot and have it repaired
Check for peeling paint and rotting caulking 
Weather stripping in shape 
Clean dryer vents 
Deck cleaned and sealed/painted
Screens repaired and ready
Doors closing properly
Cracked or leaking window repair
Install pet doors
Exhaust fans: kitchen and bathroom
Smoke detectors having new batteries
Drywall touch-up and repair
Tile and grout cleaning or re-grout
Gate working properly
Bathroom towel bars and TP holders
Fans and lights working properly
Mail boxes - repair or replace
Window Cleaning 
New shades or blinds
Filters cleaned or replaced
Pruning & hedge trimming

Maintenance Checklist
Maintenance - "Care, up-keep, so it will last, to keep in appropriate condition and operation". The following maintenance checklist may help you in planning and scheduling needed repairs along with maintaining your homes appearance and structural stability.